About Us

 Loom LED Technology Private Limited is your very own Smart Lighting Solutions company. Based out of India, we cater to residential as well as commercial LED lighting needs throughout the country. We transitioned to Loom LED in 2020, after holding on to the name BK Light for around 7 years.


In the past 7 years, we have seen people coming to terms with energy conservation and finally switching to eco-friendly solutions, including lights.


Today, residences and corporates, both are open to the idea of LED lights. While newly built units have LED-specific fixtures, the older units make do with LED lights that work well with old fixtures. This is definitely a smart way to get started.


So, when are you setting out on to this revolutionary change?


Vision Statement


The vision at Loom LED is to spread light in every nook and corner of the country, while conserving the energy by a great measure.


Mission Statement


At Loom LED, we endeavour to be approachable. The products available are as per the requirements that vary from location to location. The reasonable pricing helps us accomplish the mission of lighting every home with nothing but the best.


What We Offer


We have a wide range of LED lighting solutions for various needs. We deal in LED lighting products, raw material for LED lights, LED raw material manufacturing machine, and Smart Lighting Solutions. We also provide Dealership & Distributorship to the interested.