Testing Parameters

This production of light-emitting diodes (LED) must be well characterized during production to ensure the device those are using in the led bulb. It’s compulsory to check the products in which materials are growing the work properly.


There are lots of equipment for testing the bulb – 


MCPCB testing machine –

          It’s a tool for those who check the brightness of MCPCB in the short form we called PCB also. We can check every type of MCPCB through this machine. firstly we put the negative & positive ports in MCPCB and fine cost the regulator after that it can show the actual voltage of MCPCB. 


Dimmer –

          A dimmer for led light is specially designed to send power & control signals to each type of electronic led driver. Its device is connected to a light fixture and used to lower the brightness of the light. With the help of a dimmer, we can find the high & low efficiency of an led bulb. we can check more than 100 bulbs one time through the dimmer panel. 


Power Analyzer –

A power analyzer is used to measure the flow of power in an electrical system. We can analyze the actual electricity of the led bulb. It’s two types one is industry & second is hand power machine.


Dc Regulator –

             It measures the voltage of a bulb when we don’t know about the watt of the bulb so we can find the watt with dc regulator. First, we put the bulb and start the regulator of 1 voltage in which point bulb is on so we calculate the watt of the bulb. We can multiply the voltage with current and calculate the watt of the bulb.

                    V * C = W 


Digital Multi-meter – 

           It has two ports that measure the current. In this current has to pass through the fuse it will glow out. Basically, it’s designed for large & small currents.


Lux meter -

            It’s used for checking the level of luminance or the light falling on a surface. It’s defined as the density of the luminous, flux indicates, or a surface.


Lux -   The lux is the S.I derived unit of IL luminance. It’s equal to one lumen per square meter.


CRI (color rendering index ) – 

Certain tests need to be performed these include fatigue testing, assembly checks, dielectric voltage withstand test function tests & EMC ( electromagnetic compatibility ) it’s used for checking the led color.


Led test board – 

Led test boards are normally used for status indication.

Each parameter provides specific information about device performance for a given application and specific testing procedures are provided from the various standards bodies throughout the industry. 

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