10 Cool LED Lighting Ideas for Diwali 2020

Diwali - the Festival of Lights - is just around the corner. It is observed on the 15th day of the holiest month of Kartik. In Hinduism, light signifies purity and power. It further says where there is light, there is no space for darkness or evil forces. On the day it is celebrated, there is complete darkness as it marks the beginning of the new moon. With all homes decked up with diyas and artificial lighting, it makes for a beautiful sight.

Today, there are LED lights available in a plethora of designs and patterns that you can use for the purpose of Diwali decoration. That means, fancy lights decoration for Deepavali is now very much possible with LED lights. Let’s see how you can give your home a Diwali decor using modern day lighting technology.

LED Strips

A flexible decor light option, LED strip light is good to be used on all occasions. LED strips are available in a plethora of colours. The best part is the ease with which they can be installed anywhere in a matter of a few minutes.

Be it decorating the temple at home or giving the interiors a dramatic touch, you can use LED Strip Lights and transform the space from grim to bright in an instant this Diwali 2020.

See how this piece of light that’s the most common in auto and truck interior lighting can help transform the home to make it Diwali ready.

LED Down-lights

This is the best light accessory for Diwali if you wish to achieve a sleek look. LED down lights are also known as can lights and recessed lights. They are embedded into the ceiling for a seamless appeal. They are apt for large rooms as well as rooms with low ceilings. This Diwali, if you are planning to change the look of your home interiors, keep LED downright fixtures in your mind.

LED Hanging Lights

Initially LED hanging lights were just limited to hanging fixtures for tube lights. But today, there is no dearth of fancy hanging lights you can install anywhere to transform the look of the space. These ceiling lamps help you warm up a space with a stylish lighting accent. These are loosely also referred to as LED pendant lights. Talking about shapes and sizes, there are flower shapes fixtures, spherical fixtures, lantern shaped fixtures, and also a lot of asymmetrical fixtures in all shapes and sizes. You can play with interiors using LED hanging lights for interiors this Diwali.

LED Multi-colour Lights

Since Diwali is all about lights, why stick to the plain old yellow lights to decorate a place? Now LED lights are also available in multi-colour variants like red, blue, green, yellow - all in one. You can place these lights anywhere be it outside the home or inside and transform the space magically. Want to have a Diwali ready home in a minute? LED Multi-colour Lights are at your dispersal. They are priced reasonably so you don’t end up going over the board. Also, they last you for a very long time, thus there is no worry of upgrading Diwali lights year after year.

LED Rotating Lights

Dream of casting beautiful impressions on the walls of your home this Diwali? Well, the solution lies in LED rotating lights. This is nothing but a light bulb that has awesome patterns on it. When turned on, it casts unbelievable impressions on the walls opposite it. A simple and cost effective way to light up exteriors and interiors of homes is a rotating light bulb. Apart from patterns like flowers and filigree, these LED bulbs are also available in impressions casting God and Goddess shapes.


While there is always an option of getting readily available chandeliers at home, there are some fun DIY chandelier ideas you can follow to give the home interiors a personal touch this Diwali. One such interesting idea is making hula hoop chandelier. For this, all you need is a hula hoop and LED fairy lights. Stick some around the hula hoop and let some fall off it. It is an almost free and a very spectacular replacement to traditional chandeliers.

LED Rice Lights

Also known as fairy lights, this is the most commonly used LED light option. It can be seen being used in wedding halls as well as all other kind of functions. Them being common does not make them any less worthy of mention though. You can simply let them fall from the ceiling/ roof of your house to decorate it and make it look spectacular. They are available in various single colours as well as multi-coloured.

Falling LED Lights

As the name, as is the function of these lights. These lights are applied at the edges of the house and the depict some falling colours, rendering a dramatic touch to the outdoors. These lights are available in different colours and are uncommon, as of now.

Diya for Diwali

LED lighting diyas are the ideal alternative for anyone looking forward to hassle free eco friendly solution to Deepavali lighting decor. They are an excellent substitute to traditional diyas as they are smoke free and all you need to do you plug them in. They help illuminate the entire room effortlessly without burning a hole in the pocket. While some are battery operated, others come with a plug.


Decorating the home during Diwali is a must. If you, like us, are fed up of cheap lights half of which stop working the moment they are hung in the walls, LED decorative lights for Deepavali are the go-to solution. Be it ordering LED down lights or LED strip lights for Diwali, you can now easily place an order online, from the comfort of your home.

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